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On Nursing in Montreal: "Quebec's Loss, Victoria's Gain."

STORY BY: Pam Miller
YEAR: 1970
LOCATION: Montreal, QC

Pam was student at the Montreal General Hospital between 1967-1970, which means she was probably in the hospital when Rick Miller was born - perhaps even in the maternity ward! She remembers taking the 165 bus down Côte-des-Neiges boulevard to the hospital during the FLQ crisis in October of 1970. Driving past the embassies, she remembers feeling like it was surreal, "like I was in a different place, in a different time." She moved to Victoria in 1975 after her nursing association switched from meetings in English to meetings entirely in French. Although her French was pretty good, she sensed that her career in nursing "would be taking a beating. Quebec's loss, Victoria's gain!" Thanks for sharing, Pam.

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