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An Atmospheric Engineer on the Importance of Now

STORY BY: Robin Willies
YEAR: 2019

Robin was very impressed by what he experienced in BOOM X. In his own unique words, he says that the show "is bringing a world with tech but no logic in a technological world, and it's bringing life to the lifeless. Theatre on the cusp of sewing into the atmosphere. like an atmospheric engineer, Rick really just produced a resonance field that will touch you to the very core of your identity. It will remind you that there's nothing new. This is just a repeat, three-peat, how many ever "peats" you want to have in your life. But this really reminds you that there is no time but the present. If you don't learn from your past, it will repeat itself. And it is in the "now" where the future and the past are all present." Thanks for sharing, Robin.

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