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Technology, Change and the Future

STORY BY: Susan Lees
YEAR: 2019
LOCATION: Victoria

Susan shared this story with us: "Tonight when I listened to Toni Morrison's commencement address to a female graduating class in 2004 I was reminded of a conversation on opening night of BOOM X in Victoria that I overheard between Rick Miller and two young ladies born in 1995 and 1996, one of whom said she had just graduated with a degree in Social Sciences. The conversation turned to how these young ladies had always known a world with cell phones and social media and how their lives might have been impacted both positively and negatively. Toni Morrison could have been addressing these young women's graduating class or perhaps even my grand-children's class in 2035.
I mentioned that my 40 year old son works for Apple and in 2004 we had not even imagined what was to come as the iPhone did not arrive on the scene until 2007...I also mentioned that my 39 year old son who is an artistic, musical, social activist engineer who recently moved back to Victoria to raise his family (necessitating a career change) had really resonated with and enjoyed BOOM X. Both BOOM and BOOM X have pulled our recent histories together marvellously but as a grandmother I think what we all wonder is how Rick Miller will pull our future together in BOOM YZ...Toni Morrison spoke of past, present, future, happiness and ultimately responsibility...oh, such a responsibility we have rested on the shoulders of YZ!"
Thanks for sharing, Susan!

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