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Differences Between Generations may just be Differences Between Age Groups

STORY BY: Jim Norweber
YEAR: 2000
LOCATION: United States

Jim was on a road trip with his brother driving across the USA, listening to an audiobook of Mark Twain's "Roughing It", an account of his early trips to the West between 1861 and 1867. Jim notes that one of the topics that comes up repeatedly in BOOM and BOOM X is the differences between generations, and the labeling and finger-pointing that inevitable goes with such perceived differences. He saw in Twain's stories that "these aren't really differences in generations, they're just differences in age groups, and that's been going on forever." Certain traits that may seen distinctive to Generation X, for example, can be seen in previous generations, "and I'm guessing forward and forward as well". Thanks for sharing, Jim.

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