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Gen Z Speaks, part 2: "So Like... a Plane Crash?"

STORY BY: Ava Hoechsmann
YEAR: 2002

Ava, who shared a story by video after watching BOOM X, sent us this as a follow-up:
"i was born in april 2002. i read somewhere that us kids who came after 2001 were born into a world with more fear and airport security than there had been before. of course, none of us can fully understand this. it just seems normal. terrorism, trump, tears in the ozone. all the stuff the older generations dumped on us from day one. but we never knew any different, and no one outside of our generation can picture the world from our perspectives. as a little kid, i kept hearing reference to some plane hitting a tower somewhere, and i didn’t get why it was such a big deal. plane crashes happen all the time, and people die in all of them. why was this one so special? just cause it was in a tower? no one ever used the word terrorism when talking about 9/11 in my entire childhood. it was a world event, so every adult in my life assumed i already knew. it’s the weirdest thing you can do to a little kid and it fucked with my brain for so many years. i’m honestly a bit mad at the people who left the word ‘hijack’ out of their explanations. they were all freaked out over this thing, this threat to global security or whatever, but it wasn’t until i was 13 that i learned why."
Thanks for sharing, Ava.

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