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Gen Z Speaks, part 1: "I Wonder How We're Gonna Survive This"

STORY BY: Ava Hoechsmann
YEAR: 2002

Ava is part of Gen Z. Born after 9/11, and as she says - "with climate change, terrorism and Donald Trump, and this crazy world." However, after watching BOOM X, she realizes that what other generations have been through - World Wars, for example - gives her hope that we can work through our current challenges. "We survived... (but) I wonder how we're gonna survive this." She explains that many people her age are fighting hard for change, but others have given up, and "settled into our resentment of all the old people who invented cars and plastic and even the internet that's taking over all of our lives." With a hint of irony, Ava gives thanks to previous generations for record players and Led Zeppelin, but "you could have stopped a little bit on the fracking and the oil and stuff - we didn't really need it." Thanks for sharing Ava.

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