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P.E. Trudeau's "War Measures Act" Felt In Victoria

STORY BY: Jesse McNelly
YEAR: 1970

Jessie's story was triggered by an event in BOOM X, when the War Measures Act was invoked by the Canadian federal government of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, in response to the FLQ crisis in October 1970. The Act was supported by many Canadians - and was requested by the provincial Liberal government of Quebec - but it remains controversial and divisive to this day. Jessie's father worked for the Victoria Times newspaper at the time, and he remembers how the RCMP used the War Measures Act as a pretence to come into the newsroom, and take all the journalist's files without any explanation, justification or recourse. "To this day, my father despises Trudeau." Thanks for sharing, Jessie.

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