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Playing Dungeons & Dragons at Mark Kingwell's House

STORY BY: Terry Ferguson
YEAR: 1978
LOCATION: Winnipeg, MB

Terry shares a story about one of the characters in BOOM X, Howard, who is actually based on Mark Kingwell, the Canadian author, philosopher, educator and columnist. What tipped him off was when Howard spoke about growing up on Kenaston Boulevard in Winnipeg. Terry used to play Dungeons & Dragons with Mark Kingwell in 1978-79. "My buddy Murray took me to this house, and we went into this big living room, and there was this giant table with these huge chairs... and there was the Dungeon Master!" The name Terry selected for his D&D character was "Denetar", and Murray chose "Bragol". Terry remembers Mark killing him at one point, and he had to roll 98 or higher on the 100-roll dice. Terry rolled a 99, "I prayed to Krom... and you resurrected me. So I'm still here, man!" Thanks for sharing, Terry.

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