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On Millennials: "We're Not Lost, and We Are Going to Make a Difference"

STORY BY: Tyler Andrade
YEAR: 1994
LOCATION: Winnipeg, MB

Tyler is a Millennial, born in Winnipeg in 1994. His story touches on the hope for the future which was hinted at in BOOM X and in the post-show talkback with Rick Miller. Tyler feels you can find bleakness in any time in history, but as a young person fighting for social justice, "the youth of this generation definitely want to create a better future and a better version for tomorrow." He feels Millennials are often told by older generations that they're lost, or that they have succumbed to technology and social media, but "that's so wrong - we're using these tools to empower future generations". He gives as an example Hannah, a 15-year-old social advocate from Europe who started an entire social movement simply by walking out of her school, and using social media to spread the word. "We're not lost, and Millennials are going to make a difference, just like GenXers". Thanks for sharing, Tyler.

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