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My Brother Was Half of The Buggles

STORY BY: Janet Scarth
YEAR: 1982
LOCATION: United Kingdom

Janet shares a story about her brother, Trevor Horn, who is "half of The Buggles. He's the one with the big glasses." The Buggles were a British pop group whose song "Video Killed the Radio Star" was the first music video ever played by MTV in 1982. Janet says that Trevor had always been interested in music, and used to record demos at a very young age. He's now become a successful record producer in the UK, winning a Grammy for Seal's "Kiss From a Rose". He also produced songs for the band Frankie Goes to Hollywood, which - like The Buggles - are featured in BOOM X. "So he made lots and lots of money, and got gold records, and he's been really successful in his career". Janet later added by email: "Yes he did indeed produce the Pet Shop Boys. Also ABC (Lexicon of Love), Grace Jones (Slave to the Rhythm), Dollar, Yes (Owner of a Lonely Heart), Rod Stewart (Downtown Train), Malcolm McLaren and co-formed Art of Noise, to name a few. He’s worked with lots of other people and is well respected in the industry. He’s won 3 Brit Awards as Producer of the Year. In 2011 he received a CBE from the Queen.

Yes he is a perfectionist and likes to get it right, re-recording tracks if he isn’t satisfied with how it sounds. In March 2019 Trevor released an album “Trevor Horn Reimagines the Eighties” and will be touring England this July". Thanks for sharing, Janet.

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