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Memories from Winnipeg's J.B. Mitchell school

STORY BY: Dolores Rintoul
YEAR: 1976
LOCATION: Winnipeg, MB

Dolores got chills during BOOM X when Winnipeg's J.B. Mitchell school was referred to by one of the characters, Howard. She and her brothers went to that school, and Dolores has vivid memories of it, including the fact that many actors and musicians that came out of it. "We had a really crazy vice-principal, who was about five-foot nothing". Dolores remembers that a local rock star came to the school one day, set up his amp, and played "Bobo, Bobo, is a do-do..." - a whole song inspired by her VP's last name! Dolores bets that her brothers went to school with Howard (who is actually Mark Kingwell, well-known Canadian author, philosopher, educator and columnist). Thanks for sharing your story.

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