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Hector Pieterson's Murder, and my Journey into Social Justice

STORY BY: Dianna Robson
YEAR: 1976
LOCATION: Soweto, South Africa

Dianna tells a story about the awakening of her social awareness in 1976, which was sparked by BOOM X's mention of Nelson Mandela being released from 27 years in prison in 1990. She recalls seeing the harrowing picture of a South African schoolboy named Hector Pieterson on the front of a newspaper, after he was shot and killed by police during the 1976 anti-apartheid Soweto uprising in South Africa. That photograph triggered many feelings in Diana, and it helped broaden her world view, and set her off on a journey of fighting for social justice. Thanks for sharing, Dianna.

Note from wikipedia: "the photograph by Sam Nzima of the mortally wounded Pieterson being carried by another Soweto resident while his sister ran next to them was published around the world. The anniversary of Pieterson's death is designated Youth Day, when South Africans honour young people and bring attention to their needs."

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