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Of Woodstock, Charles de Gaulle and Gordon Lightfoot

STORY BY: Linda Abbott
YEAR: 1967
LOCATION: Montreal, QC

Linda is originally from Toronto, but now lives in Winnipeg. She shares a story about heading to Woodstock with a friend, but not quite getting there: "I can always say that I was on my way!" Linda then remembers working for a man from Quebec City around the time of Montreal's Expo 67. His name was André Barnard, and he was the honourary chair of Canada for the world exposition. Linda was living in Barnard's house at the time, and Barnard called her upstairs and told her the story of how he was with Charles de Gaulle (President of France) when de Gaulle pronounced his infamous "Vive le Québec Libre!" from the balcony of Montreal's city hall. Linda then wraps up with a story of when she lived in Toronto, and her neighbour lived across the street from legendary Canadian folk singer Gordon Lightfoot. Thanks for sharing, Linda.

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