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Memes: Generation Z's Way Of Seizing Their Own Future

STORY BY: Erich Roesler-Yue
YEAR: 2019
LOCATION: Winnipeg, MB

Erich, a member of Generation Z, talks about they approach the internet. He speaks of memes, which he describes as bits of "information that we find humorous". He feels that memes are not just about being funny, they also transcend comedy, and become part of "our language, our expression, our communication." Erich gives examples of "YEET" or "DAB", which he feels are a secret code that people his age can immediately identify with and understand. Meme=creation "allows us to be unique and have our own identity, because we forged these videos and these internet hilarities, and now we've taken them back and are using them to seize our own futures." Thanks for sharing, Erich.

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