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O.J. Simpson and my 14th Birthday Party

STORY BY: Megan Young
YEAR: 1994
LOCATION: Winnipeg, MB

Megan recalls the day of June 17th, 1984, because it was the day of her 14th birthday party. As it happens, it was also the day former football star O.J. Simpson was involved in a high-profile, low-speed chase down a Los Angeles freeway in his white Ford Bronco. It was a special party for Megan, as it was her first boy-girl birthday, supervised in turn by her mother, father and grandmother on the front steps of her house. The boys were doing tricks on skateboards, impressing the girls, as they all tried to look cool in their "pre-grunge wear". Meanwhile, the adults were riveted to the news that O.J. Simpson may have committed murder. Megan notes the contrast of this crime to "the 13-year-olds who have no clue what's going on". Thanks for sharing, Megan.

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