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Gobstoppers: My Favourite Candy as a Kid

STORY BY: Sean Sandler
YEAR: 1980
LOCATION: Montreal, QC

Sean sent this story by email: "Before the (BOOM X) show Rick asked if any of us remember Gobstoppers, which of course I do. They were one of my favorites as a kid because they lasted so long, so it was a maximum benefit for my allowance dollar, not to mention the changing colors and flavors. Anyhow, I was at Dollarama with my wife yesterday and we were at the cash and I looked down and what do I see but boxes of Gobstoppers. I would swear I haven't seen them in decades but maybe they've always been there and I just wasn't looking for them? At any rate, since Rick brought it up I thought I'd send you a picture." Thanks sharing, Sean.

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