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Mon Grand-père, Théophile Plouffe, Adorait le Baseball à la Radio

STORY BY: Suzanne Guèvremont
YEAR: 1979
LOCATION: Montreal, QC

Suzanne tells a story (in French) about her grandfather, Paul Guèvremont, who was an actor in Quebec in the 1950s and beyond, and who played the role of Père Théophile Plouffe in the famous series "Les Plouffe". Paul was a huge baseball fan, and Suzanne has a vivid memory of him sitting in his chair in the living room, listening to Expos games on the radio. He would write down scores and take notes on the inside cover of his cigarette pack, and it was clear that he was NOT to be disturbed. Suzanne was very happy to have relived this memory while watching BOOM X. Merci pour l'histoire, Suzanne.

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