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Bittersweet Memories of a Brother Who Loved The Beatles

STORY BY: Bob Mann
YEAR: 1980
LOCATION: Montreal, QC

Bob, a Montrealer, shares another story with us, after seeing BOOM X a second time. He was born in 1961, but his brother was born in 1952, and Bob remembers his teenage brother adoring the Beatles and, in particular, their vinyl album "Help!" Bob's brother had a room off the top of the stairs in their house, and he played the record over and over again, as it became "ingrained on the hard drive of my brain and my sister's brain". Flash-forward to John Lennon's murder in 1980. Like million of North Americans, Bob heard of the tragic news from the mouth of sports commentator Howard Cosell on ABC's Monday Night Football. The first person Bob thought of was his brother, who he called upon hearing the news. It was the first time, in their 20 years together, that Bob heard his brother - "my hero" - cry. Seeing the short segment in BOOM X brought back these bittersweet memories for Bob.

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