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Des Souvenirs Variés de Bruce Springsteen et de l'École Polytechnique

STORY BY: Annate Fhima
YEAR: 1989
LOCATION: Montreal, QC

Annate (speaking in French) knew BOOM X's Rick Miller as a teenager, and she remembers seeing a giant poster of Rick's favourite artist Bruce Springsteen on his wall. She remembers Rick stating that one day he's going to be a performer, and she looked at him and said, "no way!" Annate then shares a more tragic story about the shootings of women engineering students at Montreal's École Polytechnique in 1989. She was at a friend's house at the time, about to go to École Polytechnique, when her friend's mother told them what had happened. They listened in horror to the reports on the radio, confirming that 14 women had died because a "feminist-hating" man didn't like that women were studying engineering. Merci pour les histoires, Annate.

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