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A First Kiss Behind the Gym Mats at College Notre Dame

STORY BY: Annie Laperrière
YEAR: 1985
LOCATION: Montreal, QC

Annie tells a rather personal story involving BOOM X's creator/director/performer Rick Miller. "According to myth", she states, "I was the first girl he kissed... in the back of the gym... behind the gym mats" at College Notre-Dame in Montreal. She goes on to say how their relationship lasted only 3 weeks, before he "dumped me". Rick apparently wrote Annie a break-up letter saying that they were "apples and oranges, and were better off as friends", using a "dear Moose" wording inspired by a character from a TV show called "You Can't Do That on Television"*. Luckily, they did stay friends, and Annie married her high school sweetheart, Ray, who also went to College Notre-Dame with them. They've now been married 34 years! "So thanks for those beautiful three weeks together", says Annie, tongue firmly in cheek. Thanks for sharing!*editor's note: Rick has no recollection of such a reference, but this is Annie's story! ;)

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