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A Pre-Teen Passionate About History, and its Multiple Perspectives.

STORY BY: Lena Espinoza
YEAR: 2019
LOCATION: Montreal, QC

Lena, who is 12 years old, shares her thoughts on the impact of history on young people. She thinks everything that happens "accumulates on pressure", and everyone's view on the past changes what we think of it today. She gives the example of Live Aid in 1985 (the benefit concerts to raise money for the Ethiopian famine). If you take a Baby Boomer's view of Live Aid, it's completely different from Lena's own view, which was shaped by having just seen the recent movie Bohemian Rhapsody. The way two people think is completely different, shaped by our biology, our culture and our lived experience. Words of wisdom from a pre-teen! Thanks for sharing, Lena.

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