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"The Pregnant Father" and "The Shaving Mother": Israeli discotheques in the 60s

STORY BY: Jacob Kincler
YEAR: 1964
LOCATION: Tel Aviv, Israel

Jacob was born and raised in Israel as a Baby Boomer. When The British Invasion occurred in the mid- 1960s, the music of The Beatles music reached Isreal, and teens like Jacob were swept away like everyone else. That was also when the first discotheques appeared in Tel Aviv, mostly in industrial sections that people tended to stay away from. Jacob remembers the bizarre names given to these discotheques: like "The Pregnant Father" and "The Shaving Mother". Teens used to go to these places, packed like sardines, and Isreali bands like The Churchills, Telstar, and The Lions would cover Beatles and Rolling Stones tunes. Jacob went to a very demanding school, and found that his marks were suffering because he kept going to the discotheques in the middle of the week. His resolution: "only on weekends". Thanks for sharing, Jacob.

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