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I Got 7 Bats at Jarry Park's Last "Bat Day"

STORY BY: Sheldon Miller
YEAR: 1970
LOCATION: Montreal, QC

Sheldon Miller (no relation to Rick) tells a story that happened in 1970 at "Bat Day" in Jarry Park, where the Montreal Expos played until their move to the Olympic Stadium after 1976. There was a truck parked near a fence that was handing out the free bats. After Sheldon got his free bat, someone told him there was a hole in the fence, and he - and many other kids - went back around in line to claim another free bat. And so on, and so on, until he had 7 bats! He says that was the last time they held "Bat Day" at Jarry Park, because each kid then started clubbing each other! Thanks for sharing, Sheldon. By the way, the photo is of a painting of Jarry Park that still hangs in Sheldon's office.

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