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Generation Gaps between Boomers, Xers and Millennials

STORY BY: Kelly Smit
YEAR: 1974

Kelly shared this story by email: "I am a ’74 vintage and found everything in Rick’s BOOM X performance to be very akin to my own upbringing with the exception of divorced parents…mine will mark their 50th anniversary this year! The lingering thought from the performance and a thought that piques my own curiosity is the effect of Boomers and Xers on the Millennial’s, and vice versa. As the Boomers retire and the Xers take their place as the patriarchs in society (frightening thought!), the difficulties that exist between alternative values and being relatable are in-your-face present. I noticed this with my own parents as they were running their business and trying to relate to the younger employees who not only lived onsite but in a remote location where society becomes even more intensified…think Dirty Dancing meets the Shining…anyway, what I have found increasingly interesting is dichotomy of different generations and understanding the one you inhabit. Factor in the relatability between the Boomers and the M’s as we members of the Xers, we are sandwiched in between. Or even jumping from Boomers to Mils…as my parents really struggled with the younger staff for the last few years of their ownership of their business. What motivates us X’s doesn’t work on the M’s it would seem anymore that what works on the M’s for the Boomers... and with the shift that has become the norm with technological advances, is it any wonder that the gap between these generations is wider than at any time ever in history?" Thanks for sharing, Kelly!

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