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GenX Memories of Winnipeg, and Growing Up With Music

STORY BY: Kerry Lambert
YEAR: 1987
LOCATION: Winnipeg, MB

Kerry, wearing his jacket from Sisler High School, shares some memories about growing up in the north end of Winnipeg. He remembers his grad, going down the River Rouge in the boat with the paddle wheel, going up to Gimli, MB, and seeing April Wine and 54/40 at the Sunfest concerts. He has two daughters now, and he knows they're going to grow up with music, just like he did. Kerry then shared this follow-up email: "Of course as I’m driving home I thought of so many other quick stories I should have said. haha! FYI I was also a DJ in high school (playing vinyl and cassette tapes) and played our school dances which then changed into a part time DJ company with my older brother after school. From there, I bought my first jukebox in 1992. A CD jukebox, as a matter of fact, even though I’ve had several 45s, too. And then another and another and put them into bars and restaurants and a pool hall in Winnipeg. I made a separate company just for the jukebox business in 1994 and sold it to my brother when I moved to Calgary, assuming I wouldn’t do that again. I moved to teach multimedia at the college here. And then I managed to put another jukebox into a bar across the street from there and eventually into a chain of restaurants and soon had jukeboxes all over Western Canada. Now I’m primarily just southern Alberta but will hopefully be expanding tin the Caribbean by the end of this year. Good times." Thanks for sharing, Kerry!

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