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Woodstock: I Missed Out on "Something Big"

STORY BY: Jan Cavanaugh
YEAR: 1973
LOCATION: Moosejaw, SK

Jan was born in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan in 1960. Her mother was a British war-bride, and her dad was the son of a farmer who worked on the railway. Her parents were very blue-collar and not "worldly", and didn't listen to popular music, or spend money on culture. Jan had an older brother and sister - baby boomers - who she didn't know very well. She recalls thinking that they could have lived the baby boomer 'lifestyle', but didn't because they were in the middle of the prairies. Jan became aware of Woodstock when she was 13, and was envious of anyone who had experienced "nudity, drugs, free love, free sex"... In her mind, everyone had been experiencing this, but she was stuck in the prairies! She's 59 now, but still feels she missed "something big". Thanks for sharing, Jan!

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