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My New Pal Gene Simmons from KISS

STORY BY: Andrew Lis
YEAR: 2018
LOCATION: Rochester, NY

Andrew tells the story of how he saw Gene Simmons (of the iconic rock band KISS) sitting next to him at Newark airport, then again on an airplane bound for Rochester, NY. At a business meeting that day, Andrew then found out that Gene had also been in the same office, meeting the same people. Later that afternoon, at the Rochester airport bar, Andrew sees Gene again, sitting right behind him. Andrew's partner urges him to say hi to Gene, who kindly invites him to "pull up a chair". Gene then invites Andrew to his office in Beverley Hills - a veritable shrine of KISS memorabilia (including "Hello Kitty" KISS merchandise). Footnote: when Andrew sends an email boasting about his new pal Gene Simmons, Rick Miller of BOOM X writes back and asks if Andrew can help unlock the rights to a KISS song for the show, which had thus far been refused. Andrew writes to Gene, Gene writes to his manager, and the next day, the song is accepted: "Rock And Roll All Nite"! Thanks for sharing (and for helping), Andrew!

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