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Des Souvenirs Du "Sit-in" à Montréal en 1990 (video in French)

STORY BY: Josée Q.
YEAR: 1990
LOCATION: Montreal, QC

(video in French) Josée appreciated that BOOM X mentions the sit-ins in Montreal in 1990, when police were raiding gay and lesbian clubs. The sit-ins happened in front of the police station, and members of the LGBTQ were demanding a public inquiry into the raids. Josée remembers horrible brutality, where police were dragging protesters by their legs, and banging their heads against the concrete. In particular, she remembers an exchange between a camerawoman who jumped onto an officer, yelling for him to stop beating a young man: "it's my brother you f_ing asshole!". It was traumatizing, but Josée feels it brought the Montreal gay community together, and pride days have never looked back. Merci beaucoup, Josée!

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