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The Not-So-Quiet Revolution

STORY BY: Andre Fauteux
YEAR: 1955
LOCATION: Monteal suburbs

This story was shared to us anonymously, and it covers BOOM and BOOM X. "BOOM struck very close to home and brought back many memories. Living in Montreal as an anglophone with a Francophone name was certainly a challenge along with what was going on in the rest of the cold war world. Vivid memories of air raid tests and having to go under your desk at school. Then be sent home after the JFK assassination. Standing inches away from my TV as at 8 years old I witnessed Oswald being murdered by Ruby in real time. Having US visitors stay with us during that hot summer in for EXPO 1967, except our US company brought winter coats, boots and skis (they still don't know much about us).Then being star struck by Pierre Trudeau and living through the immortal words "Watch me". At 15 working with a milk man on Saturday morning, yes door to door milk delivery, we traversed from our sleepy suburb into the Montreal city limits only to be greeted by Canadian troops thanks to the FLQ crisis. From a very large family which started to split as we scatted red to get away from the problems in Quebec. I recall my father who was a perfectly bilingual francophone (my mother was English) on a local talk show saying how this was not only hurting business in Quebec but tearing families apart. I was fortunate to be able to use my hockey skills to escape to the Chicago area to get my degree an play some puck. I came home for the summer to work at the Olympics in 1976. While it was great event, the waste and corruption was evident everywhere. Shortly there after Rene Levesque was elected and I left for good. A year after graduation I move to the GTA - bye bye Expos and Habs, hello Jays and Leafs." Thanks for sharing!

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