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A Teenager Falls for a Draft Dodger in Banff

STORY BY: Diane Seeman
YEAR: 1969

Diane shares a Western perspective on the stories from BOOM, feeling that much of what happened in Toronto’s infamous Yorkville district was “Americanized” for her, and “a far-off place”. She tells a story about a youth trip to Banff, Alberta, where the group met two brothers who were draft dodgers from the United States. One of them had fought in the Vietnam war, the other didn’t want to, and their father had given them money to buy a van and head to Canada. It was eye-opening “grown-up” experience for her. After the trip, she poured out her teenage heart to one of the brothers in a letter, and he responded by sending her roses and telling her that he had a fiancé. Thanks for sharing, Diane.

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