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The Tragic Fate of a Mohawk Mate

STORY BY: Trevor John Leclerc
YEAR: 1921
LOCATION: Main Duck Island, Lake Ontario

Trevor from Kingston writes: “I called my mohawk great grandmother Gan. Great Gan's brother Jacob, who was 3 years older than her, was a sailor. He was Mate aboard the Schooner "Oliver Mowat", when it was rammed in the middle of the night by the American steamer "Key West", just off Main Duck Island in Lake Ontario. Jacob & two others of a crew of 7 drowned because the schooner sank within seconds (it was carrying coal to Picton). The Captain of the "Key West" was jailed, but he insisted the "Oliver Mowat" had no lights burning. Jacob Corby was 35 years old. This story is documented in the records of the Tyendinaga mohawk. Thank you for letting me share these with you…” And thank you, Trevor, for sharing!

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