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STORY BY: benjamin steinborn
YEAR: 1963
LOCATION: Alberta, British Columbia and Sakatchewan

Benjamin emailed us this story after our BOOM performance in Banff, Alberta.
"I attended your show in Banff.For some reason, perhaps escaping a kidnapping in Chillawack BC, I've always been very sensitive to the fear and the hope around me. Fortunately the hope has prevailed! For a little boy who ran away from darkness, I think that I understand that feeling more than many North American's of my age might not. My story began when I traveled home with a companion, a new one, my second of 3 schools that I would attend this first year of my formal education. I was asked to leave, for super time was ready for my new companion, and so politely, I left. I wondered about this neighborhood, wasn't sure where I was when I nice man gave me some help to go home. So all my young life, no matter the happy facade of those decades, I could sense also the darkness. I'm sure this is a story of many, loved your show and still smiling."
Thank you for sharing!

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