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A Prisoner of War Meets His Waterloo


Phyllis met her husband on the first day he returned home from being a prisoner of war in World War 2. He had been presumed dead, so it was a total surprise to the family. Later, he would refer to meeting Phyllis with the following: “I survived the war but met my Waterloo on the first day back home.” He died in 1967 and Phyllis was left to raise their 8 children. One of her children was born disabled, and Phyllis “went to pieces” when she found out she would’t be “normal”. However, Phyllis’ husband said, “She’s a gift and we have so much to learn from her.” This special child died only days before Phyllis recorded this story, and she says: “If you were at her funeral, you would realize what a gift a child can be.” Thanks for sharing, Phyllis.

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