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Waiting Tables at Expo 67 (After 4 Years of University)

STORY BY: Mary Lou Mastromonaco
YEAR: 1967
LOCATION: Montreal, QC

Mary Lou is a dual citizen who graduated from college in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1967. Her parents were naturally eager for her to get a job. At that point, Mary Lou remembers reading about Expo 67 in Montreal, about Mayor Jean Drapeau, and how the islands for Expo were built from the earth dug out to make the Metro (subway) system. She came to Montreal to work at a small restaurant called Pierre Interlude, and stayed there for the entire Expo. Her mother was distraught: “4 years of university, and I was going to wait on tables!” She had a wonderful time, though, and met her husband-to-be, marrying him 2 years later. Thanks for sharing, Mary Lou.

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