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A Hard First Year in Canada

STORY BY: Usha Sharma
YEAR: 1945
LOCATION: Peshawar, Pakistan

Usha is from India, although she feels that isn’t quite accurate. She was born in Peshawar (now part of Pakistan), grew up in Karachi, moved to her ancestral home during the partitioning of India in 1947, and finished her education in New Delhi. She then married and moved to Ethiopia, before finally moving to Canada in 1965. Their home in a small town didn’t have running water nor a washroom, and she one child, with another on the way. In order to get medical assistance, they had to find someone to drive them 30 miles away from their home. Usha is starting to write down her stories about coming to Canada, and we certainly hope she does so. Thanks for sharing, Usha.

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