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A Mess in Memphis and Dad's Bomb Drills in Winnipeg.

STORY BY: Linda Martin
YEAR: 1968
LOCATION: Mississippi and Winnipeg

Linda and her husband were married in 1967, and in 1968 they drove down to Mississippi to visit a friend on a cotton plantation. They were driving through Memphis, Tennessee, on the day authorities caught James Earl Ray, Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassin. There were riots everywhere, and the couple was sitting with maps in their car trying to find their way through the city. When they finally arrived down South, their friend was astounded that they had come through Memphis without guns. "But being Canadians, we didn't have guns". Linda then tells a Cold War story about bomb shelters. Living in Winnipeg, people felt they were a target for bombs coming from the Soviet Union, on their way to South Dakota. Her father was chief Justice of Manitoba, and was assigned "a special place to go" in case of a nuclear attack, but his wife and daughter were not welcome. In the end, when there was a drill, he sent someone else, saying, "I'm not going without you and your mother." Thanks for sharing, Linda.

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