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A Polish Mom and her Prophecy About Plastic

STORY BY: Adela Spence
YEAR: 1964
LOCATION: Winnipeg

Adela shared this story with us online: "My wonderful mother was a displaced person/immigrant from Poland following World War 2. As most people in her situation , she lived frugally in the North End of Winnipeg , supporting her growing family. She had about a grade 3 education but was a smart lady. After all, she had survived a Nazi work camp. I remember melmac dishes (one of the first versions of plastic as far as I know) somehow finding their way to our home. Probably obtained for free or very little money. I vividly remember my mother standing in the kitchen washing these dishes and describing them by saying: "This will be the end of the world". Had I known how prophetic that statement was, I would have asked my mother why she came out with that thought. One of the many things I regret not asking my mother. And not realizing at my young age, the astuteness of this simple woman." Thanks for sharing, Adela.

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