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The Steinberg Family Terrorized by the FLQ

STORY BY: Leesa Steinberg
YEAR: 1970

Leesa is a member of the Steinbergs, an influential Jewish family in Montreal who ran a chain of grocery stores. During the FLQ crisis around 1969 and 1970, her family was mentioned in the papers as possible targets, along with the Bronfmans and the Pascals. Her cousin's house in TMR was bombed by the FLQ, and her own house had security in front of it for at least two weeks. They made it through with humour and positivity, despite being terrified. Leesa then invites her cousin Donna to speak, who went to Mount Royal High School. She spent more time outside the building than inside, because of constant bomb threats. She remembers armed guards around her synagogue on Lucerne. When they were old enough, many parents told their kids to leave Montreal, and most of them never came back. Thanks for sharing, Leesa and Donna.

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