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Miss Gordon Smacks Les, Les Snaps Back

STORY BY: Les Tulloch
YEAR: 1955
LOCATION: Winnipeg, MB

Les came back to share a 2nd story with us! He grew up in Winnipeg in the 1950s, where there was no kindergarten, so he just played outdoors. When he finally did go to school, his most vivid memory was of Miss Gordon. She lined up all the boys up in the front of the class, had them put their hands in front of them, opened her desk and pulled out a 30cm ruler with sharp "knobbies" on it. "This is for when you misbehave", she said to each one of them, as she whacked their palms with the ruler. This explains why Les' grandmother - the first librarian in the Winnipeg school system - had to rescue him from the principal's office one day. He had been facing away from Miss Gordon, who reprimanded him: "Les, why are you talking to the students behind you?". He cheekily replied, "Because I have nothing to look forward to!" Thanks for sharing, Les.

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