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Bomb Threats in St. Catherine's & Power Outage in 1965

STORY BY: Angus McPherson
YEAR: 1958
LOCATION: St. Catherine's, ON

Angus lived in St. Catherine's until he was about 12. The teachers would scare the hell out of the kids, by telling them that if there was an atomic bomb dropped in Canada, it would fall on Niagara Falls, only 5 miles from St. Catherine's. Instead of "duck and cover" under their desks, they would go into the hall, get on their hands and keens, with their heads to the wall. He then tells another story about a big power outage in 1965 in the North East, that hit from New York to Montreal to Southern Ontario - all of which were powered by Niagara Falls. It lasted 7 hours, well into the night, and Angus claims it was the "last vestige of the baby boom". Thanks for sharing, Angus.

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