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Adventures of a Winnipeg Choir Girl in Yorkville

STORY BY: Megan Halprin
YEAR: 1969
LOCATION: Yorkville, Toronto, ON

Megan was a teen from Winnipeg on a choir trip to Toronto. They were told to stay away from Yorkville, but - being rebellious - they went to Yorkville anyway. A sign on a park lawn said "Do Not Step On The Grass", but they did, and one of them almost got arrested. Megan was not surprised that it was the only black person in a sea of white people. A few years later, she went to visit her uncle who lived in Yorkville, and who was neighbours with members of "Lighthouse". Looking back, Megan is amazed to think that a girl from the middle of Canada was so close to people and a place that has become iconic for the baby boom generation. Thanks for sharing, Megan.

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