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Was it Jesus or a Hippy in Kootenay Bay, BC

YEAR: 1968
LOCATION: Kootenay Bay, BC

Leigh tells a story from her youth, when she was known as Loretta. She grew up in Nelson, BC, but her relatives had a cabin at Kootenay Bay, across Kootenay Lake. One day at the cabin, she remembers playing in a roomful of people (all Italians!), when suddenly everyone rushes to the window. From the horrified reactions, she thought there must be a criminal outside, so she rushes to the window and looks at him from the lowest windowpane. It turns out he was a beautiful man with long, brown hair and a white shirt. He looked familiar to Leigh, as "the man in the picture that hangs above my bed" - aka Jesus.Thanks for sharing, Leigh.

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