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Helping Refugees from Biafra

STORY BY: John Morrell
YEAR: 1972
LOCATION: Montreal, QC

John came from the USA to study at McGill University in 1970. 2 years later, in the Fall of 1972, John is in Seminary, when Idi Amin chases out 5000 Asians from Biafra. Canada decides to take in 5000 refugees. For a week, John and his colleagues gather at Longue-Pointe Military Base to help with the 500 refugees landing every two days. They would land at Mirabel airport, North of Montreal, to then be bused to Longue-Pointe , where they would be kept overnight. John would come in and work with the children, helping each family find places to go. 2 days later, another 500 refugees would arrive. Thanks for sharing, John.

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