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I Met Spock, Mick and PET

STORY BY: Gerry Dwyer
YEAR: 1972

Gerry was an RCMP officer working at a Toronto international airport in the early 1970s, and he met Dr. Benjamin Spock, Mick Jagger, and Pierre-Elliott Trudeau. Spock came through from the USA with a couple of Secret Service agents to give a talk in Toronto. When he came back the next day, there no SS agents. He told Gerry that he got them drunk the night before. He then met Mick Jagger, wearing a big green top hat after a Rolling Stones concert. Mick told Gerry how hard the concert was, and Gerry responded that he could "cry all the way to the bank". When Trudeau was in Kensington market one day, he suddenly takes off from his guards. They chase him until he stops and turns to them: "do you realize how silly you look?" Thanks for sharing, Gerry.

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