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From Mersey Beat to Montreal

YEAR: 1964
LOCATION: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I immigrated to Canada from England, arriving in the Port of Montreal just in time for Expo '67 and its promise of the future. Three years before that, while studying engineering at the University of Liverpool, I had been in the Merseybeat group "Denny Seyton and the Sabres", described in one bio as "one of the more promising Liverpool-based bands that never made it". We won a battle of the bands contest, released a charting single and album, and were regulars at the Cavern Club on the bill with many household name bands. Here is a leaflet for free admission to Beatles Night at the Locarno on a Saturday. Sunday was Denny Seyton and The Sabres, and Thursday is the Rolling Stones. Here is a postcard of our group. Ultimately, it's a great little story that lives on in memory... in music... and in our brick in the Cavern Club.

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